19. aug. 2013


                        Kannesteinen, a mushroom rock at Vågsøy, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
This particular sculpture in stone, shaped by the nature itself, stand in high-water mark in the villages Oppedal on the island Vågsøy. After roughened this 3 meter-high stone for thousands of years shows the power of nature itself as the most accomplished artist. Kannesteinen is not as spectacular when you see it from the seaside, but from the country side, this is a theme that is host to attach to your camera. The entry to the stone is made much easier in the later, with tracks and wooden planks.

11. aug. 2013

Kråkenes Lighthouse

Kråkenes Lighthouse was build in 1906 is situated by Stad ocean about 1 km from Kråkenes village and almost 20 km from Måløy. Her meets the North Sea and Norwegian Sea (62 ° N). On Kråkenes lighthouse is it a weather station, this is the place that usually have most storm and hurricane in Norway. It is measured winds over 60 m / s which is equivalent to 215 km / h. When it's worst, the sea turns over the lighthouse that stands 45 m above sea level. Some visit Kråkenes Lighthouse when the weather is at its worst, and they can  get a experiense for life, but most tourists come to Kråkenes and Kråkenes Lighthouse in the summer.